Rainbow Byson’s artistic works fuse elements from her ethnic backdrop, travel experiences, nightlife and urban curiosity. Vivid experiences of interaction with the population, the atmosphere and the environment define a mood and assist memories. Byson prolifically photo documents the interactive open canvas of the cultural and urban world. Navigating through a visual journal untold stories develop, reminiscing raw moments in time. Visual impression of culture are exposed through unfocused resolutions, bans of neon color, elements of nature, botanical and geometric shapes. City and nightlife expressing soul freedom create a wild hip palette of generations.

Byson’s process further involves the development of personal influential imagery crossed in abstract and Graffiti styles methodically expressed on rustic industrial metal. Paralleling the fragments perceived subconsciously and consciously, pure color and individual forms are mixed, dripped, and morphed in paint to harmonize an exotic vibe. Her works communicate the roots of her intellectual personal growth. Combining a unique innovation of materials and interaction of environment exposed and oriented to educate through spiritual expressions expressed indoors and outdoors

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