Artist Statement

I am from a heritage of travelers and storytellers. Like my name Rainbow Rose Byson, I portray graceful character amidst life’s pandemonium. Through visual vehicles of imagery, I generate my work by capturing the energy of fleeting moments, spiritual expressions, sheer power and omnipresence of culture, including the auras of models and the displacement of environmental lights. Travel experiences, communication from the population, city and nightlife atmospheres intertwine to a kaleidoscopic view of society.  My quest next leads to integrating a found underground palette of hybrid colors combined with rustic organic materials; uniting techniques of old souls infused with the black pearls of today’s streets. Graffiti and abstract styles are crossed to embrace the mystical values of contrasting substances.

Personal inflection encapsulates an eternal moment orchestrated through composition, organization, and unity. I methodically intertwine loose impressionistic brushwork; pure color and individual forms are mixed, dripped, and morphed in paint to harmonize an exotic vibe. Photographic images of the urban Montessori, education through experience, combine curiosity and existence one cannot come back from. Visually communicating through a hybrid palette reanimated colors and light are carriers for raw jubilant emotions, extended into poetic visions on an interactive canvas. A successful art formula is an evolving process of time and layers, defying age and beauty. Moments are layered back together with improvisation to the gesture and energy testified. Spray paint, stencils, time settings, focus and blurred, internal and external worlds are fused, silencing chaos, intertwining art to the industrial materials of cultural tourism.

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